HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern Irak

As promised quite a while ago, when posting this one, we would display more from one of our absolute favorite photographers, Phillippe Dudouit. So.. There you go.

Powerful as the Sahel series, and likewise visual and political strong, photographer Philippe Dudouit has visited the mountain hideout of a unit of the Kurdistan Workers Party and  made a beautiful portrait of the Kurdish rebels. This is his pictures and description comments.

Most of Philippeʼs Works focusing on long term project, but he regularly publish in Time Magazine, GQ, D Magazine, Das Magazine, lʼEspresso, Le Monde 2, Russian Reporter, Du Magazine. Right now, as it looks (through the social media) that’s he’s working on a project near Salvador Pass Area (Northern Niger) – the area known for the Cocaine Highway.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakAfternoon last training session for the students at the HPG(PKK) Women’s Military School of the Province of Zap. Southern Kurdistan/Northern Irak.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakA fighter walks the perimeter of the camp.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakUnit leader Haval Syavent is photographed in the woods near a PKK camp located in northern Iraq, less than two kilometers from the Turkish border.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-South Kurdistan/Nothern IrakKarker Hewler has carried out missions in Turkey and in northern Iraq.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern Irak
A Fighter’s Bed – adorned with a portrait of PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakA bunker. This crude structure is located in Kirpila-Aftani Province.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakThe fighters will clean these old RPG’s and harvest the working parts in order to make functional weapons.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakA Woman’s Unit. The deployment of women is a development inspired by the PKK’s Marxist ideology, which espouses gender equality.