Water and Persian Rugs (2004)






Jalal Sepehr – Water and Persian Rugs (2004)

Observatoires by Noémie Goudal

Observatoires: Photos by Noémie Goudal











Observatoires: Photos by Noémie Goudal

Staged photos of imagined architectural constructions meticulously embedded within barren natural landscapes as an exploration of the boundaries between what is real and what is imagined. The photographs were inspired by the cosmic architecture of the Jantar Mantar, built in Jaipur, India, in the 18th Century.

Listen: Bradley Strider – A1

(Bradley Strider is one of the many Aphex Twin pseudonyms, and is from the 1993 album; Bradley’s Robot.)

Rachel de Joode, ‘Achilles’, 2014


Rachel de Joode, ‘Achilles’, 2014 2

‘Achilles’, 2014

More here: www.racheldejoode.com

The Journey // Tobias Birk Nielsen

Thanks a lot for sticking on. I’ve been working on different stuff during the last couple of months, which is why the break went a little longer than expected. Sorry for that..

The video above is from my BA collection, shown this last copenhagen fashion week, just some weeks ago.

The video is made together with extremely talented Philip Peng Rosenthal, and help from photographer Charlotte Ea Jørgensen, model Noah Syrkis and sound from When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music).

The journey by Tobias Birk Nielsen – Filmed by Philip Peng Rosenthal – Assisting: Charlotte Ea Jørgensen – Model: Noah Syrkis – Music: When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music)

Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad KievArt & Photo – go check here.

And. Go listen to this one, it’s been playing on repeat for the last couple of hours at my place. You will like it..



FromDortmund style inspiration :: Phillip Dudouit IVPhoto: Phillip Dudouit.

A little help-out for those who feel like going for the terrorist look today..


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Shoes: Adidas // Beckenbauer runwht/legink/metgol sneakers (£ 48.00). Buy here.


Sorry for the mixed currency, but you’ll figure it out..


Macblondie 1

Macblondie 3

Macblondie 4

Macblondie 5

Macblondie 6

Macblondie 2

Macblondie 7

I think the artist calls himself, Macblondie, and THIS is how you do art..

Text below is his own words.

I tried to paint on canva : fists were paintbrushes & blood was oil.”

This piece is actually my first performance. My aim was to use my body as it really is : a material. So I fused a canva and a piece of waterproof fabric wherein I cut up a circle.

In that way, all I had to do was to hit the canvas with my fists, as hard as possible to paint the circle with my blood. I choose the geometrical form of the circle because in this work, I wanted to show what Man is able to do : From his most vulgar impulses like violence, up to his the most complex reasoning ability.

I did it during five minutes, I hit the canvas 569 times. I recorded it with a camera. 

To my mind, that is what differentiates humans from animals : The competence of thinking before acting and to not yield to the most devouring impulses. I think this is why the Human is so tortured : He is without-cease tug between impulses and Reason.

Picture #1 : My fists some hours after the performance

Pictures # 2,3,4,5 & 6 : Some frame from the video recording I’ve made.

Picture #7 : My fists two weeks later.

Picture #8 : The final object.

If any one know about, or have seen the video from picture 2-6 – please inbox a link at contact@fromdortmund.com… Thx!

Portrait of the Kurdish Rebels

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern Irak

As promised quite a while ago, when posting this one, we would display more from one of our absolute favorite photographers, Phillippe Dudouit. So.. There you go.

Powerful as the Sahel series, and likewise visual and political strong, photographer Philippe Dudouit has visited the mountain hideout of a unit of the Kurdistan Workers Party and  made a beautiful portrait of the Kurdish rebels. This is his pictures and description comments.

Most of Philippeʼs Works focusing on long term project, but he regularly publish in Time Magazine, GQ, D Magazine, Das Magazine, lʼEspresso, Le Monde 2, Russian Reporter, Du Magazine. Right now, as it looks (through the social media) that’s he’s working on a project near Salvador Pass Area (Northern Niger) – the area known for the Cocaine Highway.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakAfternoon last training session for the students at the HPG(PKK) Women’s Military School of the Province of Zap. Southern Kurdistan/Northern Irak.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakA fighter walks the perimeter of the camp.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakUnit leader Haval Syavent is photographed in the woods near a PKK camp located in northern Iraq, less than two kilometers from the Turkish border.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-South Kurdistan/Nothern IrakKarker Hewler has carried out missions in Turkey and in northern Iraq.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern Irak
A Fighter’s Bed – adorned with a portrait of PKK founder Abdullah Ocalan.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakA bunker. This crude structure is located in Kirpila-Aftani Province.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakThe fighters will clean these old RPG’s and harvest the working parts in order to make functional weapons.

HPG (PKK) Fighters-Southern Kurdistan/Nothern IrakA Woman’s Unit. The deployment of women is a development inspired by the PKK’s Marxist ideology, which espouses gender equality.

Nothing Specific // Christopher Gray






Nothing Specific – much more right here.

weekend > crown of thorns // exhibition // m.k.

Crown of thorns

I’m having an exhibition reception today for a project I’ve spend the last 10 weeks on, and which is going to be shown for the public the next 5 weeks. And later on (as previously mentioned) I’m hitting Vega to see Mount Kimbie.. Can’t wait.


About the Crown of thorns (picture):

No sooner did Sister Emmerich recommence the narrative of her visions on the Passion than she again became extremely ill, oppressed with fever, and so tormented by violent thirst that her tongue was perfectly parched and contracted; and on the Monday after Mid-Lent Sunday, she was so exhausted that it was not without great difficulty, and after many intervals of rest, that she narrated all which our Lord suffered in his crowning with thorns. She was scarcely able to speak, because she herself felt every sensation which she described in the following account:

Pilate harangued the populace many times during the time of the scourging of Jesus, but they interrupted him once, and vociferated,He shall be executed, even if we die for it.’ When Jesus was led into the guard-house, they all cried out again, ‘Crucify him, crucify him!’

After this there was silence for a time. Pilate occupied himself in giving different orders to the soldiers, and the servants of the High Priests brought them some refreshments; after which Pilate, whose superstitious tendencies made him uneasy in mind, went into the inner part of his palace in order to consult his gods, and to offer them incense.

When the Blessed Virgin and the holy women had gathered up the blood of Jesus, with which the pillar and the adjacent parts were saturated, they left the forum and went into a neighbouring small house, the owner of which I do not know. John was not, I think, present at the scourging of Jesus.

A gallery encircled the inner court of the guard-house where our Lord was crowned with thorns, and the doors were open. The cowardly ruffians, who were eagerly waiting to gratify their cruelty by torturing and insulting our Lord, were about fifty in number, and the greatest part slaves or servants of the jailers and soldiers. The mob gathered round the building, but were soon displaced by a thousand Roman soldiers, who were drawn up in good order and stationed there. Although forbidden to leave their ranks, these soldiers nevertheless did their utmost by laughter and applause to incite the cruel executioners to redouble their insults; and as public applause gives fresh energy to a comedian, so did their words of encouragement increase tenfold the cruelty of these men.

From “The Passion” chapter XXVI.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and remember – Jesus loves you – also on monday.

Please don’t smile // Malte Wandel

malte wandel 31_04bimbillaupl malte wandel 31_05burkinafaso01upl malte wandel 31_12oldskuul02upl malte wandel 31_13oldskuul03upl malte wandel 31_24burkinafaso02upl

In a 9-month journey to Ghana, Malte Wandel took a series of portraits illustrating a part of the fashion landscape in West Africa — a spectacular raw beauty and contrast emerges through these portraits, and I find it truly inspiring. For me fashion doesn’t come from runways and magazines despite this is the way the fashion industry has interpellated us to think. It’s the other way around, and super authentic streetstyle-shoots like these just makes it to easy for designers to find these kind of true authenticity that has the potential to emerge trends.

As always, when meeting series like this, I’m completely blown away, but this time its not only because of the subject and its relation to fashion, but more by Malte Wandels incredible understanding of the environment and his subjects.

Go check out more from the Please don’t smile series right here.

And if you still haven’t got your Africa thang on, listen to “Wunga” by BIG FKN GUN

BIG FKN GUN – straight out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Just do it.

just do it

just do it


 For much much more, go check out: www.swooshart.tumblr.com