Efdemin – Transducer

Beautiful sound and image from long time favorite; Efdemin.

Video shot by Stefan Münster  in the 1990s empty streets of Berlin, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad Kiev

Gorsad KievArt & Photo – go check here.

And. Go listen to this one, it’s been playing on repeat for the last couple of hours at my place. You will like it..


Mandags Musik pt 20

Mandags Musik pt 20 // Paris // FromDortmund.com

I’m off to Paris today!

I’m going for Premiér Vision – the worlds largest textile exhibition on wednesday, and I just wanted to share to quick tunes before leaving. The monday mix is quite a shamble today, without any specific theme, genre or contemporary link. Even though, these three tunes has simultaneously hitting my earplugs repeatedly for the last couple of days, and so, this has become my Paris soundtrack for this forthcoming week.

Cashmere Cat – Weeding Bells
The Cashmere Cat track is from the “Wedding Bells EP” which came out exactly a week ago today, february the 10th, and it’s quite intense. Actually I do not know where to start with this one – cause there’s so many things going on. Whenever listening to it, I feel like I’m in the middle of a small compilation of several amazing tunes. And I think that’s what he does the best – creating so many different sound concepts in one united form. For me this has the delicate potential of being extremely innovating and clever, and at the same time being a bit backward-looking, corny and cliché full. To be honest, I’m still not sure which side I’m inclined to.

Childish Gambino – Telegraph Av (“Oakland by Lloyd”)
The Childish track is easy-listening, and it’s just a pleasure listening to this guy cause he’s so talented and probably the next big Drake’ish-kind of-thing, with a bit more flair and authenticity.

Sascha Funke – The Fortune Cookie Symphony
The “Fortune Cookie Symphony” is some years old – 3 or 4 years I think, but it’s just an unbelievable ambience beauty which I can’t go on a whole week whitout listening to. Whenever listening to the lyrics and vocals of Fritz Kalkbrenner I completely shuts down everything around me, and suddenly I think I know the answers to all the great questions, but then, 3:06 minutes later it stops, and I don’t know shit again..

Have a great week.

First Hate – Holy Contagion

Holy shit this video got it all – boobs, crucifix and fire!! No seriously – I’m a fan. Beautiful composed video, nice leisurely pace and dissemination, and the best of it all – wait for it – they’re danish..

First Hate are kind of difficult to genre analyze, cause they seem to float in a field of tension between synth, pop and ambient with clear references to a 80s sound. But who needs genre categorize? As long as its powerful and original I don’t care, and this one is!

Even though the video is almost a bit to time right with all the right contemporary visual trends (fire, crucifix and a dark and moody feel) – perfect for internet and blogs, I really enjoyed it. I guess I’m maybe just not over that period of dark and religious references, or maybe it’s just because it’s so easy to see/hear that thees guys have talent which is hard to resist.

The guys behind, a duo, is actually quite new, cause they only just met after getting booked for the sketchy Henry’s Dream festival in Copenhagen this summer. Which why First Hate still is a record-less project, but I’m guessing that’s up for  a change after this video.

firsthateFirst Hate

Mandags Musik pt. 19

Mandags Musik pt 19Billede: “Hot-rolled Zinc” af den minimalistiske kunstner Carl Andre på Bojimans Van Beuningen, 1967

Mount Kimbie – Maybes

Deptford Goth – Object Object

Vibrasphere – Tierra Azul (Omnimotion ft. Krister Linder Remix)

Mandags Musik fokuserer  i denne omgang på lyden af den helt rigtige arbejdesmusik, og er derfor dedikeret til det hårdt arbejdende folk der ligesom mig selv sidder med arbejde, eksamener og projekter til op over ørene i disse dage. Derfor er der her tre sange der gør det for mig for tiden, og som indeholder lige præcis den helt rigtige mængde ro, tempo og fængslende lyd som mit stressede hoved har brug for.

Blandt dem er bl.a. Daniel Woolhouse, bedre kendt som Deptford Goth, som vi var inde og høre på Ideal Bar for 2 uger siden. Her spillede han albummet “Life After Defo” som ligeledes kan anbefales som go arbejdsmusik. Hør det samt læs Soundvenues anmeldelse af albummet her. Woolhouse er utrolig dygtig og han leverede (akkompagneret af ung kvinde på cello) et solidt indtryk på Vega’s mest intime scene, Ideal Bar, med sin tungsindige vokal og dystre keyboardbas, og det var ikke mindst da han spillede en af min Ipods mest lyttede sange i 2013 – “Feel Real”. Hør den her:

Mount Kimbie & King Krule

Mount Kimbie ft. King Krule – You Took Your Time

So back from vacation and listening to this everyday all day.

The track is from the “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” album which came out here in 2013 through Warp Records, and it is definitely worth listening to.

We’ve featured the London based duo som time ago here with the “Would Know” track, and this time, they teamed up with wonderkid King Krule, which you probably all know from the Zoo Kid days.

Mount Kimbie is visiting Denmark the 22th of November and are playing at Vega. Can’t wait..

Ps. love the suit and cricket bat style in the “Easy Easy” video below.

King Krule – Easy Easy

Chromatics – Looking for Love

Edited From The 17 Minute Long Version Of The Song.

Normally, describing a musical act as a “fashion band” is a backhanded compliment that seems to insinuate that the music possesses more style than substance. But for the American band Chromatics, fashion and the dreamy, acid-infused sound go hand in hand, which exactly is why we’ve heard Ruth Radelet’s smoky voice accompanying models on the catwalk of the Chanel spring/summer ‘13 collection. The driving beats, the romanticism & the retro-futuristic vibe works perfectly on the runway.

Not only did we hear the band at Phillip Lim in September 2012, but Karl Lagerfeld (who has a reputation for constantly seeking out the newest & coolest when it comes to music) asked the band to soundtrack Chanel’s spring/summer ‘13 presentation & here is the video of Chromatics performance during the show.

Mandag Musik 18 (Post-Roskilde edition)

Mandags Musik pt 18

Roskilde was amazing as always, and we basicly saw and heard everything from Kendrick Lamar to Metalica and Rihanna (!?!).

But when the orange smoke has disappeared, reality accession and the trivial everyday makes its entry. Then there’s always a handful of concerts whom made a more substantial impression than others, and which becomes the significants for this year’s festival. For me, one of them, or maybe the one, was When Saint Go Machine who played the 02:30 concert at Arena saturday night. I’ve seen them some times before but it hits me every time how incredible talented these guys are and how beautifully intimidating there distinctive sound strikes me every single time.

It’s a bit paradoxical that even though the whole music-world-elite these days are in town, that it’s a local Copenhagen-band that leaves the biggest impression. But when they half way through, among masterpieces such as Infinity Killer and Degeneration, live performed my all time-favorite Prodigy track; Climbatize (from the legendary The Fat of the Land album) that my hell broke loose…

Therfore Mandags Musik this time, is a brief selection of some of the best concerts and songs i’ve heard during this years days of insanity. And besides the WSGM concert i’ll like to highlight the swedish trance rock world music band Goat which played just before WSGM and went completely mad, and finally the chilled sit-down concert by well known musical electro-genius, James Blake, who played in the boiling sunday afternoon heat.

When Saints Go Machine – Slave to the Take in Your Heaven

Goat – Det Som Aldrig Förandras/Diarabi

James Blake – Life Round Here

Hope you all enjoy..

Roskilde 2013

Roskilde festival 2013

T-shirt Rick Owens drkshdw // Jacket Unused MA-1 // Knife French folder knife WWII // Shorts Perks and Mini // Duck tape Polykely // Beanie BVB official // Booze Fernet Branca // Shoes Vans authentic

We are off to Roskilde!

See you out there.. and remember to listen to the guys below, they play friday at Gloria at 02:00:

Daft Punk // Random Access Memories


It seemed like the never-ending-hype wouldn’t stop, but it finally did. And to be honest, the hype was starting to annoy me a tiny bit. Probably just because I do not own any patience what so ever.

As many of you probably already know, Daft Punk released the free album stream last night, but if you didn’t know – this one is for you!

Click here.

Click ‘View in iTunes’

Click ‘Listen Now’

daft punkDaft Punk – Random Access Memories // Out on free stream right now!

Iberia – Everyday

We’ve received an email the other day about this ridiculously beautiful track (and video!!) from the swedish band Iberia, and I must say, it completely blew me away. The duo behind; Maja Mathé Milner (of Makthaverskan) and Alexander Palmestål (of Pistol Disco) are based in Berlin but originaly from Gothenburg, and Im crossing all of my fingers that these guys will drop by copenhagen in the nearest future.

The video is shot by Rasmus Svensson at the latest Thunderdome festival in Amsterdam last December, and you really got just about every stereotypical continental rave hotspot gathered in a single instance of cultural manifestation. Scaringly repulsive and inspiring at the same time, and without doubt hardcore indeed.

Iberia’s single Everyday is out via Hybris, with the yet unnamed debut full-length set to follow later this year. Enjoy!

“Iberia – Everyday” screenshots.

Reptile Youth

You probably allready know about Reptile Youth, well, I hope you do. These guys, directly send from hell, immediately caught my attention some years ago with the youtube leak of the live version of the Speeddance track. Watch it below. I’ve seen them live a couple of times, latest at the Roskilde Festival last summer, and that night completely went all over the place. These guys must be, without comparison, the most powerfull and energetic liveband at the danish musicscene.

Reptile Youth at Roskilde, photo by Rasmus Weng Karlsen

In addition of being an incredibly strong liveband, the two guys; Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen and Esben Valløe is putting a lot of effort in the band’s highly interesting and controversial image side, most recently with the It’s Easy To Lose Yourself video which was banned from youtube last week. Watch a few of the videos underneath – and it’s probably no surprise that especially the Dead End video is a true Dortmund favorite.