Metamorphosis I & II





Hand sculpted and casted in oxidized solid .925 sterling silver bracelets using primitive casting techniques. Finished entirely by hand, blackened and highlighted with various hand burnishing/polishing techniques



Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_06_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_10_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_09_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_12_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_35_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_63_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_04_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_21_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_05_resize

Yurko Dyachyshyn_(Slavik-Fashion)_47_resize

Streetstyle from Lviv, Ukraine.

I really don’t know where to begin with this guy, there is just too much good stuff going on with the styling, the photos, the fitting, the fabrics, the prints, the attitude.

And even though the ho bo x fashion theme is portrayed times and times before and almost instantly ends up on the commercial catwalk shortly after, which off course makes the fashion industry predictable and kind of ridiculous by balancing on the ultimate cliché full and stereotypes – I just falls in love every single time a new icon like Slavik pops the surface.

All Photos by: Yurko Dyachyshyn

The Journey // Tobias Birk Nielsen

Thanks a lot for sticking on. I’ve been working on different stuff during the last couple of months, which is why the break went a little longer than expected. Sorry for that..

The video above is from my BA collection, shown this last copenhagen fashion week, just some weeks ago.

The video is made together with extremely talented Philip Peng Rosenthal, and help from photographer Charlotte Ea Jørgensen, model Noah Syrkis and sound from When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music).

The journey by Tobias Birk Nielsen – Filmed by Philip Peng Rosenthal – Assisting: Charlotte Ea Jørgensen – Model: Noah Syrkis – Music: When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music)



Sewing, sewing, sewing..

I’m busy working on my BA collection at the Danish Design school at the moment – sewing like a lunatic, which is why I’m leaving the Dortmund office for the next couple of weeks. But stay tuned..

And see you on the other side.

Sprouts Paper Launch

SPROUTS paper_launch Oscar Meyer, Caroline Nordstrand Iuel Tobias Birk Nielsen Sekouia Caroline sillesen Josephina Rigall

Stop by Copenhagen woodwood-shop tomorrow for a cosy Sprouts Paper pick up, free beers and music from Sekuoia!!

Content by Oscar Meyer, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Josephina Rigallm Caroline Nordstrand Iuel, Caroline Sillesen, Sekuoia, presented by woodwood, Samsung and Ironflag.

FB event here. See you there..

Elements II

elements from dortmund

Efdemin – Transducer

Beautiful sound and image from long time favorite; Efdemin.

Video shot by Stefan Münster  in the 1990s empty streets of Berlin, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Uncommon Creatures

Uncommon creaturesPhoto: Nicky De Silva

Our good friends at UC has made some changes on with a lot of fresh new stash.

I can recommend these two here.

Elements I


Weapons of the Ukrainian Revolution

tj_weapons_of_maidan01 tj_weapons_of_maidan15 tj_weapons_of_maidan14 tj_weapons_of_maidan13 tj_weapons_of_maidan12 tj_weapons_of_maidan10 tj_weapons_of_maidan09 tj_weapons_of_maidan08 tj_weapons_of_maidan07 tj_weapons_of_maidan06 tj_weapons_of_maidan05 tj_weapons_of_maidan04 tj_weapons_of_maidan03

While other photographers scrambled to shoot the scenes playing around the Maiden Square in Kiev, Tom Jamieson wandered the occupied zone asking to see what protesters were packing.

“Every single person without fail had a club or a bat or something like that,” says Jamieson. “You couldn’t help but notice the DIY nature of the whole thing, from the barricades themselves to the totally inadequate body armor that people were wearing, and the weapons as well.”

The weapons are shown in the hands of their owners against a black backdrop. Jamieson and his assistant wandered the zone, lugging a black background cloth that they would set up when they found a protester carrying an interesting-looking implement. They shot outside in the square, in occupied buildings, near the protesters’ tents, usually in the early morning or twilight hours to keep lighting consistent.

Some weapons are marked with the names of their home towns or messages for their intended targets — others are decorated with religious symbols. Each is single-minded in its design — clubs and maces for bashing, slingshots and stones for hurling, and forked pikes for ripping the shields out of the hands of police. These personalized tools of revolution were a source of pride among their owners, and the details of each tells its own story.

Despite the horrible situation and necessity of the weapons, it’s rather interesting that the very banal design of these weapons indeed shows how determined the protesters were to damage the government security forces.

busy busy..

busy thug

I’ve been crazy busy the last couple weeks preparing an exhibition, doing exam at the Design School and participating in an instagram campaign by woodwood and Samsung, which has caused the lack of presence on this site. But I’ll make it up to you, and I’m preparing some good stuff for the next weeks, starting of with this one:

Dortmund favorite Kenton Slash Demon made the soundtrack for this seasons aw 14 show by woodwood. I heard it first hand at the show, and since then I’ve been waiting and hoping it would go online.. And some days ago it did.

The show was likewise utterly brilliant, with a great correlation between location, colors, styling and collection. See for yourself right here.


FromDortmund style inspiration :: Phillip Dudouit IVPhoto: Phillip Dudouit.

A little help-out for those who feel like going for the terrorist look today..


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Sorry for the mixed currency, but you’ll figure it out..