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A little tonight’s inspiration.

Hope you all gonna have a good one, and take care of each other.

weekend > crown of thorns // exhibition // m.k.

Crown of thorns

I’m having an exhibition reception today for a project I’ve spend the last 10 weeks on, and which is going to be shown for the public the next 5 weeks. And later on (as previously mentioned) I’m hitting Vega to see Mount Kimbie.. Can’t wait.


About the Crown of thorns (picture):

No sooner did Sister Emmerich recommence the narrative of her visions on the Passion than she again became extremely ill, oppressed with fever, and so tormented by violent thirst that her tongue was perfectly parched and contracted; and on the Monday after Mid-Lent Sunday, she was so exhausted that it was not without great difficulty, and after many intervals of rest, that she narrated all which our Lord suffered in his crowning with thorns. She was scarcely able to speak, because she herself felt every sensation which she described in the following account:

Pilate harangued the populace many times during the time of the scourging of Jesus, but they interrupted him once, and vociferated,He shall be executed, even if we die for it.’ When Jesus was led into the guard-house, they all cried out again, ‘Crucify him, crucify him!’

After this there was silence for a time. Pilate occupied himself in giving different orders to the soldiers, and the servants of the High Priests brought them some refreshments; after which Pilate, whose superstitious tendencies made him uneasy in mind, went into the inner part of his palace in order to consult his gods, and to offer them incense.

When the Blessed Virgin and the holy women had gathered up the blood of Jesus, with which the pillar and the adjacent parts were saturated, they left the forum and went into a neighbouring small house, the owner of which I do not know. John was not, I think, present at the scourging of Jesus.

A gallery encircled the inner court of the guard-house where our Lord was crowned with thorns, and the doors were open. The cowardly ruffians, who were eagerly waiting to gratify their cruelty by torturing and insulting our Lord, were about fifty in number, and the greatest part slaves or servants of the jailers and soldiers. The mob gathered round the building, but were soon displaced by a thousand Roman soldiers, who were drawn up in good order and stationed there. Although forbidden to leave their ranks, these soldiers nevertheless did their utmost by laughter and applause to incite the cruel executioners to redouble their insults; and as public applause gives fresh energy to a comedian, so did their words of encouragement increase tenfold the cruelty of these men.

From “The Passion” chapter XXVI.

Have a nice weekend everyone, and remember – Jesus loves you – also on monday.

Back on track ϟ ϟ


We’ve been crazy busy that last couple of weeks, which is why we have kept a small Dortmund-break.

But we are back – and stronger and more powerful than ever .. ϟ ϟ

Looking for inspiration # 1


I’ve got some emails, asking about me showing a bit of myself and my daily practice as a fashiondesign student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

For now, this is still a bit too private, but what I can do, is showing even more about what kind of visual material that inspires me, and do this first hand. Like for example, when going to the library the other day looking for print topics – such as medical reference books on war surgery doing history.

While listening to:

Laura Mvula – She (Shlohmo Remix)

Just do it.

just do it

just do it


 For much much more, go check out: www.swooshart.tumblr.com

Yura, 14 years old.

Yura, Children of Leningradsky

yur, Children of Leningradsky.

Children of Leningradsky. 

Meet the last Lykov (not many in the world have)

ed08c0aa2852f6134eed06edf5f8ba99All photos by Peter Sutherland 

There are certain ethical quagmires, grappled over by anthropologists and ethnologists since time immemorial, in attempting to document uncontacted or lost people tucked into the few remaining hidden pockets of this earth. But these issues become moot when the invasive and kudzu-like world inevitably finds its way to them. The Lykovs—a Russian family who lived in the Siberian wilderness without human contact for most of the 20th century—are not an undiscovered tribe like the few that remain hidden from the modern world in South America. Nor did they violently resist outside contact like the Sentinelese of the Andaman Islands, who continue to do so today. When I asked 70-year-old Agafia, the sole surviving member of the Lykov clan, if she wished that the geologists who discovered her family in 1978 in the completely isolated wilderness of Siberia’s taiga forest had never found them, she shook her head. “I don’t know if we would have survived [without them],” she said. “We were running out of tools and food. I no longer had any scarves.” For once, humanity’s unyielding curiosity to uncloak every remaining secret of this world may have preserved rather than contaminated a singular phenomenon.

It all started in 1936 when Karp Lykov and his wife, Akulina, spurned civilization completely. Fed up with the Communists and city living in general, they journeyed deep into the taiga with their two sons. The impetus for their journey was the murder of Karp’s brother, who was shot by a Bolshevik patrol on the outskirts of their small village near the city of Kursk, in far western Russia. The Lykovs were strict pacifists, members of the Old Believers, an ultra-orthodox sect of Christianity that split off from the Russian church in the 17th century.

After choosing their plot, the Lykovs built a cabin, birthed two more children, and lived the kind of brutal existence that made Little House on the Prairie look like spring break in Daytona, Florida. They relied on a spinning wheel they’d dragged hundreds of miles with them to make clothing and survived on potatoes and wild mushrooms. In 1961, after almost three decades in the woods, a snowstorm wiped out their crop. They survived by eating tree bark and their shoes; Akulina starved herself to death so her kids wouldn’t go hungry.

After Akulina died, the family continued their insular existence until 1978, when the geologists (who were surveying the area for potential oil deposits) happened upon their settlement. Over the next few years, word of the strange, secluded family living in the absolute middle of nowhere slowly but steadily spread throughout Russia, and they became unlikely folk heroes. Much of the attention was due to Vasily Peskov, a Russian journalist who wrote several articles about the family as well as a book, Lost in the Taiga, that was a bestseller in Russia but totally flopped in English markets. (Last we checked, it’s out of print and copies on Amazon were going for $900.) One by one, each of the family members died. Some have speculated that the introduction of foreign germs by the geologists to the Lykovs’ immune systems was ultimately responsible for their deaths; others believe their deaths were natural. Whatever the case, Karp passed away in 1988, outliving all of his children except Agafia, his youngest daughter. Agafia buried him on the mountain slopes with the help of some geologists who had befriended the family. As my film crew and I were preparing for the trip to visit the last remaining Lykov, we almost called off the story when the Smithsonianpublished an archive-based article in January that ended with Agafia, then 45 years old, deciding to continue living alone in the Siberian wilderness after her father’s death.


From Vice Magazine.

More here.

Mount Kimbie & King Krule

Mount Kimbie ft. King Krule – You Took Your Time

So back from vacation and listening to this everyday all day.

The track is from the “Cold Spring Fault Less Youth” album which came out here in 2013 through Warp Records, and it is definitely worth listening to.

We’ve featured the London based duo som time ago here with the “Would Know” track, and this time, they teamed up with wonderkid King Krule, which you probably all know from the Zoo Kid days.

Mount Kimbie is visiting Denmark the 22th of November and are playing at Vega. Can’t wait..

Ps. love the suit and cricket bat style in the “Easy Easy” video below.

King Krule – Easy Easy

Vacation shut down!

masked guys


We are off to Barcelona and the little town of Armação de Pêra in Portugal for the next 14 days, soo goodbye Copenhagen and hrelleo wine, sun and tapas…

See you afterwards, and take good care of each other..

Mandag Musik 18 (Post-Roskilde edition)

Mandags Musik pt 18

Roskilde was amazing as always, and we basicly saw and heard everything from Kendrick Lamar to Metalica and Rihanna (!?!).

But when the orange smoke has disappeared, reality accession and the trivial everyday makes its entry. Then there’s always a handful of concerts whom made a more substantial impression than others, and which becomes the significants for this year’s festival. For me, one of them, or maybe the one, was When Saint Go Machine who played the 02:30 concert at Arena saturday night. I’ve seen them some times before but it hits me every time how incredible talented these guys are and how beautifully intimidating there distinctive sound strikes me every single time.

It’s a bit paradoxical that even though the whole music-world-elite these days are in town, that it’s a local Copenhagen-band that leaves the biggest impression. But when they half way through, among masterpieces such as Infinity Killer and Degeneration, live performed my all time-favorite Prodigy track; Climbatize (from the legendary The Fat of the Land album) that my hell broke loose…

Therfore Mandags Musik this time, is a brief selection of some of the best concerts and songs i’ve heard during this years days of insanity. And besides the WSGM concert i’ll like to highlight the swedish trance rock world music band Goat which played just before WSGM and went completely mad, and finally the chilled sit-down concert by well known musical electro-genius, James Blake, who played in the boiling sunday afternoon heat.

When Saints Go Machine – Slave to the Take in Your Heaven

Goat – Det Som Aldrig Förandras/Diarabi

James Blake – Life Round Here

Hope you all enjoy..