Just another day in Russia

The Journey // Tobias Birk Nielsen

Thanks a lot for sticking on. I’ve been working on different stuff during the last couple of months, which is why the break went a little longer than expected. Sorry for that..

The video above is from my BA collection, shown this last copenhagen fashion week, just some weeks ago.

The video is made together with extremely talented Philip Peng Rosenthal, and help from photographer Charlotte Ea Jørgensen, model Noah Syrkis and sound from When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music).

The journey by Tobias Birk Nielsen – Filmed by Philip Peng Rosenthal – Assisting: Charlotte Ea Jørgensen – Model: Noah Syrkis – Music: When Saints Go Machine (Warner Music)

Efdemin – Transducer

Beautiful sound and image from long time favorite; Efdemin.

Video shot by Stefan Münster  in the 1990s empty streets of Berlin, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall.



A little tonight’s inspiration.

Hope you all gonna have a good one, and take care of each other.

First Hate – Holy Contagion

Holy shit this video got it all – boobs, crucifix and fire!! No seriously – I’m a fan. Beautiful composed video, nice leisurely pace and dissemination, and the best of it all – wait for it – they’re danish..

First Hate are kind of difficult to genre analyze, cause they seem to float in a field of tension between synth, pop and ambient with clear references to a 80s sound. But who needs genre categorize? As long as its powerful and original I don’t care, and this one is!

Even though the video is almost a bit to time right with all the right contemporary visual trends (fire, crucifix and a dark and moody feel) – perfect for internet and blogs, I really enjoyed it. I guess I’m maybe just not over that period of dark and religious references, or maybe it’s just because it’s so easy to see/hear that thees guys have talent which is hard to resist.

The guys behind, a duo, is actually quite new, cause they only just met after getting booked for the sketchy Henry’s Dream festival in Copenhagen this summer. Which why First Hate still is a record-less project, but I’m guessing that’s up for  a change after this video.

firsthateFirst Hate

Killing Boys Russia (1996)

There you go – A little documentary to spend your afternoon on.

The 52 minut long video is a gritty and absorbing film about a street gang of Russian ten year olds that cleans cars, begs, steals and sometimes even murders.

On 23rd February 1994, ten year old Vlodya Jacobs and his gang killed and mutilated a 50 year old man. Police records show that the gang was involved in at least four other killings. This film began as an investigation of homeless children. It became a report on Vlodya, his family, his friends and the reasons why he has committed such grotesque crimes. Popular with the sellers at his local market and generous to other homeless children, it seems inconceivable that he should have beaten a man to death. Sitting in her dirty, ramshackle flat, Vlodya’s mother denies that her sons are criminals. Leafing through a shabby photo album, she recalls the days when they had enough food. Now, she’s surviving on an inadequate pension, having undergone psychiatric tests. Outside in a leafy park, her two eldest sons tell of the money they have stolen from a kiosk stall and admit to pickpocketing and beating up drunks. They describe how they “beat the shit out of one who wouldn’t cough up.” In this vast country who will take pity on the Killing Boys?

kill a man1 killing boys (documentary - 1996)

kill a man2 killing boys (documentary - 1996)Screenshots from Killing Boys – Russia

Please don’t smile // Malte Wandel

malte wandel 31_04bimbillaupl malte wandel 31_05burkinafaso01upl malte wandel 31_12oldskuul02upl malte wandel 31_13oldskuul03upl malte wandel 31_24burkinafaso02upl

In a 9-month journey to Ghana, Malte Wandel took a series of portraits illustrating a part of the fashion landscape in West Africa — a spectacular raw beauty and contrast emerges through these portraits, and I find it truly inspiring. For me fashion doesn’t come from runways and magazines despite this is the way the fashion industry has interpellated us to think. It’s the other way around, and super authentic streetstyle-shoots like these just makes it to easy for designers to find these kind of true authenticity that has the potential to emerge trends.

As always, when meeting series like this, I’m completely blown away, but this time its not only because of the subject and its relation to fashion, but more by Malte Wandels incredible understanding of the environment and his subjects.

Go check out more from the Please don’t smile series right here.

And if you still haven’t got your Africa thang on, listen to “Wunga” by BIG FKN GUN

BIG FKN GUN – straight out of Cape Town, South Africa.

Jan Švankmajer // “Kostnice” (1970)

Some years ago I came across the Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer and said to my self; “this guy, I simply need to check up on”. But I didn’t. I actual forgot all about him unfortunately, as it usually goes.

But when I yesterday randomly watched some pictures from the Czech roman catholic chapel; The Sedlec Ossuary, I immediately recognized that I had seen these incredible settings once before, and after a short search I found out where from. Namely, from the shortfilm “Kostnice” (which is the town church stands) by Jan Švankmajer.

The Ossuary chapel is estimated to contain the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people, whose bones are artistically arranged to form decorations and furnishings for the chapel. Watch it for your self right here.

the-sedlec-ossuary-in-the-czech-republic_338248Sedlec Ossuary, Kostnice, Czech.

Švankmajer (born in 1934) is possible the most surreal filmmaker/artist I’ve seen and actual like. He’s mostly famous and known from his work of surreal animations, but it is his shortfilm fictions that attracts me the most. I won’t begin to analyze or try to be wise on the film, cause I don’t understand anything of it. But I simply just recommend that you guys spend some minutes of yours watching the film and/or maybe some of his others, its’ quite entertaining and weirdly inspiring at the same time. Get to know him a bit more here.

Jan Švankmajer – Autoportrait (1989)

KIDULT // “Visual Dictatorship”

A little something to watch..

For more – go visit this one.

Greatest exhibitions pt. 4

Santiago Sierra, 250 cm Line Tattooed on 6 paid people. December 1999. 

“Six unemployed young men from Old Havana were hired for 30 dollars in exchange for being tattoed”.

Sierra’s mest kendte værker omfatter oftest leje af arbejdere til udførelse af simple opgaver. Disse værker er tiltænkt at belyse karakteren af arbejderen i det kapitalistiske samfund og hvordan arbejderen sælger sin fysiske arbejdskraft og dermed sin krop samt politiske spørgsmål i forhold til indvandring og indvandre-fattigdom i kapitalistiske samfund. Sierra opnår dette gennem en række forskellige teknikker som udgør disse temaer samt sætter spørgsmålstegn ved ​​kunstinstitutionen. F.eks. har Sierra da også betalt en mand for at bo bag en mur i 15 dage.. (!?!)

Lær Sierra bedre at kende her og her.

Espacido Aglutinador. Havana, Cuba. December 1999.

The Shoes – Time To Dance

Franske The Shoes har i den grad gjort hvad de kunne for at sætte de mest interessante rammer for bandets nyeste video; Time To Dance. Her instruere nemlig talentfulde Daniel Wolfeen 8:35 minutters episk kort film af en video med hollywood stjerne Jake Gyllenhaal i hovedrollen som en yderst voldelig psykopat on a killing spree. Derudover er videoen produceret af Somesuch & Co., se den her:

Matthias Zimmermann – Luther (Sound Pellegrino)

Weekenden er slut og så alligevel ikke.. Ihvertfald synes Matthias Zimmermann og tracket “Luther” at forlænge den for mig en smule. Den unge taletfulde tysker er den første af slagsen der signer med parisiske Sound Pellegrino, det relativt unge men succesfulde pladeselskab stiftet af Teki Latex og Dj Orgasmic fra det ligeledes succesfulde og legendariske hiphop gruppe TTC.

Billede: Teki Latex, (Sound Pellegrino co-founder) som jeg for et stykke tid siden mødte foran Colette shoppen i Paris. Her fortalte han mig om sit forhold til København, at han var kæmpe Soulland fan (jakken) og at han havde en plan om at score Medina…

“Luther” er fra 4 tracks ep’en Isla Dub, og er et sublimt virvar af trommer, percussions, synths og sceniske naturlyde. Jeg har det ganske vildt over det, og synes i lige skal gøre jer selv den tjeneste at skrue op, nyde “Luther” teaseren og kickstarte jeres mandag med denne electro jungle bombe.

Er du derudover til lidt pudsige 70er-80er klip i fast cut stil er teaser videoen også et kig værd. Her har det kreative fælleskab Ill-Studio klippet og tilpasset sangens visuelle identitet i perfekt sync til trackets beats, synths og strings. Se den her: