Edited From The 17 Minute Long Version Of The Song.

Normally, describing a musical act as a “fashion band” is a backhanded compliment that seems to insinuate that the music possesses more style than substance. But for the American band Chromatics, fashion and the dreamy, acid-infused sound go hand in hand, which exactly is why we’ve heard Ruth Radelet’s smoky voice accompanying models on the catwalk of the Chanel spring/summer ‘13 collection. The driving beats, the romanticism & the retro-futuristic vibe works perfectly on the runway.

Not only did we hear the band at Phillip Lim in September 2012, but Karl Lagerfeld (who has a reputation for constantly seeking out the newest & coolest when it comes to music) asked the band to soundtrack Chanel’s spring/summer ‘13 presentation & here is the video of Chromatics performance during the show.