We’ve received an email the other day about this ridiculously beautiful track (and video!!) from the swedish band Iberia, and I must say, it completely blew me away. The duo behind; Maja Mathé Milner (of Makthaverskan) and Alexander Palmestål (of Pistol Disco) are based in Berlin but originaly from Gothenburg, and Im crossing all of my fingers that these guys will drop by copenhagen in the nearest future.

The video is shot by Rasmus Svensson at the latest Thunderdome festival in Amsterdam last December, and you really got just about every stereotypical continental rave hotspot gathered in a single instance of cultural manifestation. Scaringly repulsive and inspiring at the same time, and without doubt hardcore indeed.

Iberia’s single Everyday is out via Hybris, with the yet unnamed debut full-length set to follow later this year. Enjoy!

“Iberia – Everyday” screenshots.