Mandags Musik pt 18

Roskilde was amazing as always, and we basicly saw and heard everything from Kendrick Lamar to Metalica and Rihanna (!?!).

But when the orange smoke has disappeared, reality accession and the trivial everyday makes its entry. Then there’s always a handful of concerts whom made a more substantial impression than others, and which becomes the significants for this year’s festival. For me, one of them, or maybe the one, was When Saint Go Machine who played the 02:30 concert at Arena saturday night. I’ve seen them some times before but it hits me every time how incredible talented these guys are and how beautifully intimidating there distinctive sound strikes me every single time.

It’s a bit paradoxical that even though the whole music-world-elite these days are in town, that it’s a local Copenhagen-band that leaves the biggest impression. But when they half way through, among masterpieces such as Infinity Killer and Degeneration, live performed my all time-favorite Prodigy track; Climbatize (from the legendary The Fat of the Land album) that my hell broke loose…

Therfore Mandags Musik this time, is a brief selection of some of the best concerts and songs i’ve heard during this years days of insanity. And besides the WSGM concert i’ll like to highlight the swedish trance rock world music band Goat which played just before WSGM and went completely mad, and finally the chilled sit-down concert by well known musical electro-genius, James Blake, who played in the boiling sunday afternoon heat.

When Saints Go Machine – Slave to the Take in Your Heaven

Goat – Det Som Aldrig Förandras/Diarabi

James Blake – Life Round Here

Hope you all enjoy..