Mandags Musik pt 20 // Paris //

I’m off to Paris today!

I’m going for Premiér Vision – the worlds largest textile exhibition on wednesday, and I just wanted to share to quick tunes before leaving. The monday mix is quite a shamble today, without any specific theme, genre or contemporary link. Even though, these three tunes has simultaneously hitting my earplugs repeatedly for the last couple of days, and so, this has become my Paris soundtrack for this forthcoming week.

Cashmere Cat – Weeding Bells
The Cashmere Cat track is from the “Wedding Bells EP” which came out exactly a week ago today, february the 10th, and it’s quite intense. Actually I do not know where to start with this one – cause there’s so many things going on. Whenever listening to it, I feel like I’m in the middle of a small compilation of several amazing tunes. And I think that’s what he does the best – creating so many different sound concepts in one united form. For me this has the delicate potential of being extremely innovating and clever, and at the same time being a bit backward-looking, corny and cliché full. To be honest, I’m still not sure which side I’m inclined to.

Childish Gambino – Telegraph Av (“Oakland by Lloyd”)
The Childish track is easy-listening, and it’s just a pleasure listening to this guy cause he’s so talented and probably the next big Drake’ish-kind of-thing, with a bit more flair and authenticity.

Sascha Funke – The Fortune Cookie Symphony
The “Fortune Cookie Symphony” is some years old – 3 or 4 years I think, but it’s just an unbelievable ambience beauty which I can’t go on a whole week whitout listening to. Whenever listening to the lyrics and vocals of Fritz Kalkbrenner I completely shuts down everything around me, and suddenly I think I know the answers to all the great questions, but then, 3:06 minutes later it stops, and I don’t know shit again..

Have a great week.