Holy shit this video got it all – boobs, crucifix and fire!! No seriously – I’m a fan. Beautiful composed video, nice leisurely pace and dissemination, and the best of it all – wait for it – they’re danish..

First Hate are kind of difficult to genre analyze, cause they seem to float in a field of tension between synth, pop and ambient with clear references to a 80s sound. But who needs genre categorize? As long as its powerful and original I don’t care, and this one is!

Even though the video is almost a bit to time right with all the right contemporary visual trends (fire, crucifix and a dark and moody feel) – perfect for internet and blogs, I really enjoyed it. I guess I’m maybe just not over that period of dark and religious references, or maybe it’s just because it’s so easy to see/hear that thees guys have talent which is hard to resist.

The guys behind, a duo, is actually quite new, cause they only just met after getting booked for the sketchy Henry’s Dream festival in Copenhagen this summer. Which why First Hate still is a record-less project, but I’m guessing that’s up for  a change after this video.

firsthateFirst Hate